Google Apps Download for Smartphones and Android

Google apps have been around for quite some time and Google has introduced the cloud storage. For those who are not unsure of what Google apps are, they are services from Google that feature a variety of web applications. These web applications have similar functionality to conventional office suites such as Microsoft Office tools.

The difference between Google apps and traditional office suites is that all apps of Google are stored in the cloud. A cloud is a server that works 25/7 and can be accessed from anywhere. There is no need to buy hardware or software to use the apps, and they require very little administration only. Google apps provide you with the power of mobile computing at your fingertips. It means that you don’t need to stay in front of your computer at home to do your work. You can work anywhere at any time you want. Besides, you can ensure that your documents and other important files are safe and secured at the Google cloud storage.

Some of the most popular Google apps that you can download to enhance your daily life are listed below.

    • Hangouts – This app allows you to bring conversations to life with group video calls, photos, and emoji for free.

    • Google Maps – This app allows you to go to new places without getting lost. With this app, you can determine the exact location of the house of your long lost friend, or the exact venue of the meeting that you are about to attend to.
    • Google Search App – Search the web easier and faster with Google search app. Suggestions pop out at the bottom of the search box allowing you get what you want in a snap.
    • Google + – Download this app and stay connected, and share every happening in your life with your friends and family.
    • Chrome – Bring your computer with you with Chrome. This app offers fast browsing experience that loads pages within seconds.
    • Google Play Books – Download this app and enjoy reading the books you love anywhere and anytime you want.
    • Google Play Music – Download Google play music and play millions of songs with your mobile device instantly. You can even find the custom radio feature of this app that has no skip limits.
    • Google Offers – Google Offers make it easy for you to shop for your needs. With your phone, you can discover, buy, or redeem great deals from your favorite online store.

  • Google Earth – Google Earth is an app that allows you to discover the world with your mobile device.
  • Google Currents – Download this app and enjoy reading free online magazines.
  • Google Translate – This app provides the power to break through language barriers with quick and easy translation.

Google apps download are free, and you will not need to spend a single dime to download them. These apps can improve your daily life by doing the necessary little things that you need to do daily such as contacting your family, doing your work, etc.


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