Get Fast and Free Internet browser: Download Google Chrome

Do you have an idea what a browser is? Do you know what the leading browsers are? What’s the best browser to download? Well, a browser is a kind of software. It is necessity for your computer or mobile device in order to access the internet. A browser allows you to access various websites and do certain activities with them like logging-in, streaming videos, posting, uploading and viewing photos and a lot more. Some of the internet browsers require compatibility with the Operating system of a device where it will be installed.

Before Microsoft Internet explorer is on the top of the list, but in 2010, it curved in below 50% for the first time. Part of the problem is the IE browser itself. But in totality, the main reason is the actual competition of the web browsers which include Google Chrome, Opera and Firefox. For those users who abandon IE, most of them end up switching to Firefox and only 13% switched to chrome. However, for the past couple of years, the percentage of Firefox users is almost stationary while the Google chrome on the other hand is rapidly making a leap.

Why Google Chrome?

The reason why most internet users were hooked-up for Chrome is that they are satisfied with the performance. The center of chrome’s development deals with two important things. One is page loading speed and the other is the visual aspect; the web page rendering. Because of that, Google Chrome remains unchallenged in terms of performance lead. Another strong point of this browser is its compatibility. So Google Chrome is the best choice for internet browsers.

Download Google Chrome

You can download Google Chrome for free. This lightweight browser is compatible for Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOS and Linux. Here is a quick guide on how to download it in your system:

Download and Install Google Chrome for Computer

  1. Using the preinstalled web browser on your PC, go to Google Chrome web page.

  2. The download page will appear, and then click “Download Chrome”.

  3. The terms and condition will appear. Read the terms and decide if you want to make Chrome as your default browser.

  4. After reading the terms and condition, Click “Accept and Install”.

  5. The installation will start in progress.

  6. After the installation, a window will appear. If you want you can sign in your existing Google account.

Download and install Google Chrome for Mobile Devices

  1. Open the app store on your device. Play Store for Android and iOS for Apple. Chrome is compatible on Android 4.0 and versions later. iOS 5.0 for apple and later.

  2. Look for Chrome and click “install” button to start the download.

  3. After the installation is complete, open the application. You may also sign in with your existing Google account to sync saved preferences and bookmarks.

If you want to experience lightning speed internet browsing, switch to Google Chrome. This browser is free and very user friendly.