Free Download Google Desktop

Google Desktop is a software application launched by Google in 2004. This is designed to help users search their own computers easily for music, files, emails, web pages, photos, videos, and more. This can make your computer extremely searchable and even put your personal information within your grasp.

This can free you from manually organizing your emails, bookmarks, and other files. What’s more amazing is that free download for Google Desktop is widely available. There are plenty of online stores offering the latest application programs that provide their clients with free download Google Desktop.

Google Desktop Key Features

  • Searches: The free Google Desktop app uses the technology of Google’s search engine to finding all the things that you need from your computer. After the installation, this will index the first 10,000 words from the first 100,000 documents in your computer. This software application puts the searched information at your disposal, which actually free you from the need of manually organizing your bookmarks and files. Even the deleted files can be regained, allowing you to choose the important files to keep.
  • Google Gadgets: The Google Desktop that is downloadable for free allows user to place widgets and gadgets anywhere on their desktop and easily identify new email, weather, personalized news, photos, and more.

  • Google Sidebars: This is a vertical bar on the desktop that helps users keep their gadgets well organized. Sidebars and gadgets are extremely useful in displaying the hour, news, search toolbars, the weather, and more.
  • Support File Searches – The free Google Desktop enables its user to search for attached files, emails, PDF files, Word files, PowerPoint files, Excel files, video files, and images in their PC easily.
  • Other Features: Aside from these features Google Desktop is also capable of lock search and integrates with Microsoft Outlook. This software application is released by Google and it means that it is already integrated with Google Maps and Gmail

The Google Desktop system requirements include operating systems like Windows XP, 2000, and 2003. It is also compatible with Windows 7, Windows 7 64, Vista, Vista64, and XP64. It also requires your system to have Serial ATA or IDE hard disk drives to work better.

Users who have concerns about the safety and security of this software application are assured that this is 100% reliable and safe to use. By default, this fee download Google Desktop collects limited amount amount of non-personal information from your PC and sends it to Google. This non-personal information includes the summary of numbers of search that you usually do and the time it takes for you to obtain results. Users can look out of sending this non-personal information to Google during the process of installation. According to the Privacy Policy of Google, there no personal information that is indexed by this software application from your computer like your address or name without your permission.

Finally, you can search your own computer for your files and documents similar with the ease and comfort that you experience when searching the web using Google Chrome web browser.

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