Earth Download Google

Initially called as EarthViewer 3D, Google Earth is a virtual globe, map and geographical information program created by Keyhole Inc. The app maps every superimposition image directly from the satellite, Ariel photography and GIS 3D or Geographic Information System. It includes three features - a free version that has limited functionalities, a version with added functionalities (discontinued) and a version for business use.

Google Earth was re-released on 2005 and it can be used in laptops/desktops that run Windows 2000, MAC OS 10.3.9, Linux 2.6 and the later versions of these operating systems. On May 28, 2008, it was launched as a plug-in in browsers and on October 2008, the app was made accessible on phones running an iPhone OS. It’s also a free app that users can download from the App Store. Android users can also download the app on the Android market free of charge.

The app shows images with different resolutions where you can view cities and houses clearly. Resolution on lands covers fifteen meters (as a minimum) and larger parts of lands cover 2D imagery in vertical photography. Using the app, users can view oceans, moon, sky and streets. It also employs DEM data that is gathered by STRM. Through this feature, the entire Earth can be viewed in 3D. As of November 2006, users can also view mountains in three-dimensional views.

Google Earth is extremely beneficial. Even though all you wish to get is directions and you can get by with Map Quest and Google Maps or you don’t really require such as complex program and it does consume a good portion of hard drive space, nevertheless, Google Earth is worth it. Users can view satellite maps of anything, regardless of the place you wish to see. It also allows you to actually work together with the map. The app is not only a program, but it’s a community as well.

Once you get Google Earth, you have a lot of choices about what data to display. You can view monuments, local businesses, civic and government sites or the feedback of people who know about these places. Placing locations on the Google Earth map is also possible and anyone who gets Google Earth can access it from any place in the world and anytime they want.

Users can also discover tourist spots in cities you’ve never been to, post your observations or read about global climate change. It is also possible to link up your web cam to Google Earth. This means that you can look at a certain city, zoom into a specific intersection and then click on the button which will call up the web cam there.

Google Earth offers a wealth of information in a cool package. It is really remarkable what technology can do and offer nowadays and this app is a proof of this. If you want to view mountains, maps, monuments, local businesses, oceans, moons, cities and the hot spots in the area, then getting Earth download Google is a great decision to make.