Download and Install Google Chrome

Are you planning to switch to using another web browser? If you do, you have Google Chrome as one of your many options. Google has designed its web browser in a way that it could support its users when browsing over the web. It is also made for free so that all interested individuals are able to experience using Google Chrome if they want. One of the good things with the browser is that it is offered widely in the online market. So, you will not have a hard time finding one to download. You also do not have anything to worry about anything even when it comes to installation. That is because it can he completed within just a few seconds. If you want to know how to download and install Google Chrome, here are the ways to do it:

Downloading and Installation of Google Chrome for Windows OS

Google Chrome is designed to be applicable for different operating systems. Here are the things you should do if you want to install the browser for your Windows laptop. There are two ways to download the web browser. One involves downloading for your user account and the other is for multiple user accounts. The instructions below are focused on a single user account.

What you should do first is download the file needed for installation. If you are asked, either click the “Save” or “Run”. Once you choose to save the installer, what you should do next is to double-click it for the installation process to begin. All information including your browser history and home page settings will be imported to the default browser. A Google Chrome window will open upon the completion of the set up. If you are using Windows 7, XP and Vista OS, you will see a message upon opening the web browser first. If you are using Windows 8, a dialog will appear once Chrome is opened. You have to click the “Next” button for selecting the browser you will set for default. If you choose Chrome, it will launch the browser from the Start Screen as an app.

Downloading and Installation of Google Chrome for Mac

The first step is the same. You have to download the file needed for the installation. Then, open the Google Chrome.dmg file. Next, a window will open, so you need to drag the icon for Chrome to the folder named Application. This will let Chrome be installed to all user accounts. The browser history and home page settings will also be imported to the default browser. Once you click to browser to open for the first time, the Finder will ask you for the confirmation to open the downloaded application from the internet. Click the “Open” button to proceed. A message will be seen again later on. You can change the default search engine if you want to by clicking “Change”. For the last step, drag the Google Chrome disk-image from your desktop to the “Eject” icon to unmount it.

These are the steps that you need to follow to download and install the web browser depending on the operating system you are using. Once you are done, you can start browsing already through Google Chrome.