Download Google as Homepage

A Google homepage can actually make a browser look and feel nice for everyone. But not many people prefer Google as their homepage. Download Google as homepage is highly recommended by Google as this is crucial in having the information that you need within your fingertips.

Downloading Google as homepage is extremely easy. You just need to open your current web browser and navigate the “Privacy” or “Tools” options. Depending on the current web browser, you can open a new window upon navigating under the “Preferences” or “Tools” options. You must also ensure that you enable the cookies so that they can be accepted once your download for Google as homepage started.

Security issues on your system may arise as the cookies are enabled. However, you do not need to worry as you can protect your computer privacy by blocking third party cookies that came from external images or ads.

Once Google web browser is successfully downloaded, you can navigate it on your existing web browser and click the “Classic Home” button at the right corner of your window, then return to classic Google. With the cookies enabled, this will display the Google home page when you return to

Downloading Google as Homepage and Default Search in Firefox and Internet Explorer

  1. Open your Firefox web browser and navigate the top of the page and the click the "Firefox" menu.

  2. Click "Options" on the drop-down menu and the select "Options" again from another menu that slides out. Click the “General” tab when the Options dialog box is opened.

  3. Choose the "Start Up" section and type"" into the form next to Home Page, then click "OK." At this point, Google is set as your new homepage.

To move Google on the top of your homepage list is easy. Just navigate the search box located at the top right of your window and click the drop-down arrow icon of your current default search. Click on "Manage Search Engines" and select Google from the existing list; click the "Move Up" button in order for Google to at the top of the list, then click "OK."

Internet Explorer

  1. Open your IE browser and click on the "Tools" menu.

  2. Select "Internet Options" from the drop-down menu, and click "General" tab when the window for Internet Options opens.

  3. Type "" into the form under homepage then click "OK" to set Google as your homepage.

  4. Point on the "Tools" menu and click on "Manage Add-ons" then choose "Search Providers" button, which is located in the left pane. Choose Google, and set it as default. If Google was not in the list, then click on the "Find More Search Providers" link, which is located near the bottom of the pane, look for Google into the search and then add it. Click on "Set as Default" button and select Google from the search engine list of options. At this point Google is not your existing default homepage.

Download Google homepage of your web browser can provide you with plenty of benefits. However, it will be best if you choose the home page that is most useful to you to ensure that you will enjoy using it.