Download Google Translator Toolbar

Do you know that to download Google Translator Toolbar means to install all the extension directly? The toolbar can be opened through the use of Chrome browser. Actually, this extension is better because it translate the entire web pages on the language that you like by just a mere click. The team of Google Translate is the one that is responsible to it.

More so, the extension further adds a particular button in the browser toolbar. The translate icon is clicked in order that the page you visit is translated. It also automatically identifies if the language you are into is different on the one that you use for the interface. If in case it is wrong, then a banner naturally appears on the topmost part of it. However, once you install the extension it must mean that you have agreed on the conditions.

Furthermore, since it is not actually available, there are already features built right on the website. The features that they share include a search box where you no longer need another search box. There are also suggestions other than the error pages where intelligent page are shown once the page is not found. Other than that, the bar feature of Google Chrome is by far the same with the button on of “Word Find”. Yellow markers that are located in scrollbar are used to see all of the matches found right on the page.

Once you try to visit a particular webpage that has a distinct language aside from the Toolbar, translation bar is then displayed on the top most part of the window and you are asked if you want to translate it. Thus, you need to click the button on the Toolbar’s button. You also need to click on the x icon to close it and then view the unique webpage. Once you decide to alter the translation language, then the Toolbar will always take note of the language preferences that you use without translating them in the future.

If you choose to make use of Translate, then you can opt to translate the pages automatically. Likewise, you may click the button that says always translate Arabic while still on the Arabic page. It is then that the Toolbar will translate the Arabic pages that you try to go to in the near future. Now, you are able to update the preferences that you have on automatic translation on the window of Toolbar Options. You just need to click on the so-called wrench icon.

Once you have successfully downloaded the Translator Toolbar, it is even possible to translate the page. If you like to dismiss it, then you can click the icon “Nope”. Or, you can click the menu on browser toolbar in the Chrome. Then, you can choose “Settings” and “advanced settings”. On the Language section, you can make use of the checkbox that offer you in translating the pages which are in the language you aren’t able to read. Then, it already adjusts the page just for you.

So far, to download it means having access on the pages that you like to read. The language that you understand the most is provided for you to enjoy searching more pages.