Download Google Toolbar for Windows 7

The advancement brought by Google to the cyber world can no longer be halted. This is due to the continuous introduction it provides to the different functional and innovative applications that are to be used by internet users. One of the applications that unceasingly help Google from increasing its popularity and functionality includes Google Toolbar.

This Google Toolbar has been recognized as a form of internet browser toolbar, which is merely available for Firefox (up to the version 4.0) and Internet Explorer. The toolbar is residing just above the tab bar of the browser and offers the search box for carrying out online searches. With its availability, you will be able to log into your Gmail accounts and be able to access your emails, web history, and saved bookmarks. It contains a number of functional tools including translation, AutoFill, common spell checker to browsers, AutoLink, whereas word finder and pop-up blocker are limited to Internet Explorer. Often, Google is disseminated through bundling product with initial download.

With the many uses and functional features offered by this tool, you should find it interesting to download Google Toolbar on your Windows 7. Having this application installed in your browser, you will surely keep the Google search power close at hand. The toolbar places a certain search bow within your browser, which makes it easy for you to search just about anything you like to find on the web.

In fact, installing this Google Toolbar in Windows 7 has become even more considerable with the improved and new features. Some of the new features you will certainly take advantage when using this Google app include navigation errors suggestions, Web History, Send To, Highlight Search Terms, Bookmarks, Custom Layouts, Send using Gmail, Page Rank Display, Open using Google Docs and considerably a lot more.

However, if you no longer want to download Google Toolbar for Windows 7, you may want to install it directly with the help of the following steps:

  1. Access Firefox. You can alternatively utilize internet Explorer. On the other hand, there are no other forms of browser will sustain the toolbar.

  2. Visit the Google page for Google toolbar. There you will be presented with the window stating about the installation.

  3. Upon viewing that window, you will find the button with phrase “Install Google Toolbar”, click on it.

  4. Terms and Conditions, along with Privacy Policy, will be displayed, so you must read them. If you agree with both of them, you can then click on the “Agree and Install” button to start with the installation process.

  5. You will be asked to restart your browser you may do it accordingly once prompted.

  6. Wait until the browser restarts. If it starts once again, you will be presented with the window displaying about the success of the download process.

  7. After which, you will then need to click on “Enable Enhanced Features” button to make the most of the application.

Following these steps mentioned above accordingly, you will be on your way to enjoying the functions and innovative features offered by Google Toolbar on your PC, which is run by Windows 7.