Download Google Toolbar for Google Chrome

Google Toolbar is not readily available for Google Chrome web browser, but many toolbars with exciting features are created by manufacturers for Google Chrome. You may have plenty of options in your attempt to download Google Chrome Toolbar for Google Chrome. This can be convenient as you have plenty of options to choose from. However, it is still best if you look at each offer and decide for your own self which toolbar fits your needs best. Below are list of features shared by most Google Toolbar for Google Chrome.

  • Spiffy Search Box: In you Google Chrome web browser, the address bar also serves as your search box. This means that you will not need a secondary search box. Like your Toolbar Search box, the address bar offers search suggestions based on frequent Google searches, corrections on spelling, and your own bookmarks and browsing history.
  • Suggestions: Instead of error pages, most Toolbars for Google Chrome that you can download offer suggestions when the page that you’re trying to open cannot be found by your search.
  • Highlighted Search Terms: As you download Google Toolbar for Google Chrome frequently, you will observe that most of these toolbars have features similar to the “Word find” button Toolbar. Most Google Toolbars that are available for Google Chrome automatically highlights the texts on the web page, which matches the search term you entered at the search bar.

Additionally, you can actually use the yellow marker located on the scrollbar to quickly identify the word matches on the page. However, Google Chrome’s find bars do not offer several features of Toolbar’s “Word find” like populating the Toolbar with specific a button for each word that enter at the search box.

  • Auto Fill: Download Google Toolbar for your web browser frequently and you will observe that most of these toolbars have similar features to “AutoFill” button of the Toolbar. Google Chrome actually shows you the texts that you have previously entered on different websites, enabling you save efforts from typing them again during another search.
  • Pop-up Blocker: A pop-up blocker is a feature that is common to most Google Toolbars. This feature automatically keeps your desktop free from obstruction and safe from malware infections.
  • Spell-checker: Most Google Chrome toolbars are equipped with built-in spell-checker. This feature is similar to the “Spell check” button of the Toolbar, which automatically checks the spelling of words whenever you enter them at the search box to conduct your search.
  • Translate: Like the “Translate” button, this feature of Google Chrome toolbars offers translation of languages of web pages with contents that are not written on your own dialect.

A few of popular Toolbar actions are not available in Google toolbars for Google Chrome. However, you can easily add bookmark features or extensions to Google Chrome to perform the same tasks. If you download Google Toolbar and find it lacking the features that you need, you can always add its features by downloading it at Chrome Web Store. Today, Google Chrome has thousands of extensions that can improve your web browsing experience.

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