Download Google Tool Bar

There are a lot of means to gain from the services and products Google provides and downloading the Google toolbar on your computer is the most expedient one. This is just accessible for IE or Internet Explorer and if you want to have a smooth access to the service, it is suggested that you use the latest operating system before you download the Google Toolbar.

On the other hand, so as to completely enjoy the whole functions of the toolbar, first you have to enter your credentials or make an account which wil allow you to keep all the information in a similar place.

Google Toolbar is incorporated in Internet Explorer, so once you download Google Toolbar, you can perform your searches easily without having to navigate the homepage of the Google yourself. You can simply choose a keyword from the site you are presently browsing or you can enter a phrase you want to see details about it.

Google Toolbar allows you to do searches for other services offered by Google which include Picasa Web Albums, YouTube, Google Calendar, Google Images or Google Documents and you can also improve the functions of the toolbar through adding the latest search sites.

Another benefit you can get once you download Google Toolbar is the fact that sharing interesting website pages with your family and friends is convenient to do, regardless if you choose Google plus, Digg, Facebook, Gmail, Blogger, StumbleUpon, MySpace, Yahoo!Mail or Twitter. As expected, to make an account is important and required for every service you want to utilize.

The benefits of Google Toolbar don’t just end here. In fact, users like you can make AutoFill profiles so that particular information like email address, full name as well as the delivery address are filled in automatically when well suited areas are detected. Moreover, secured credit card profiles could also be made.

Features of Google Toolbar


Worn-out of typing in your credit card and contact information whenever you purchase online? This feature of Google Toolbar makes your shopping a breeze through allowing users to fill out website forms in just one click of the mouse.


Through Autolink, you can easily find the place you want to see. Just type the street, city as well as the Zip code and Autolink will automatically give you a link to an online map.


Wordtranslator presently backups translation from Chinese to English or vice versa and any other languages.

Address Bar Browse Through Name

Browse through name assists you to find websites even though you do not know the URL. Simply type the name of the website into the browser and Google Toolbar will lead you there instantly.


Want to make and label bookmarks that you can access from any PC? Just click Google Toolbar star icon and you will have an access to the Bookmarks on any PC with the latest Google Toolbar setup. Since this feature stores the bookmark online, users are required to make a Google account.

There are many benefits that await you when you download the Google toolbar. All of these features are beneficial.