Download Google Talk for Windows 7

Google Talk is by far the chat or IM app from the email heavyweights of Gmail. This is better known as Gchat, Gmail messenger or Gtalk that is more functional and more compact as an application that you need to stay in contact with a group of Gmail friends.

Apart from it, Google Talk does not only support or assist Google accounts but even a selection of other applications and protocols. This only means that you can log in using various accounts such as Pidgin, Psiand Trillian, Miranda and Jabber. In supporting different protocols, it is also made available in different devices that while you chat in your own desktop, your friends can still be with you even on Blackberry, iPhone and Android. Although it is not actually supported, you are able to utilize Google Talk that is found on Linux and Mac that has its browser version.

More so, the advantage of downloading it is that it has its multiple features such as call, chat and also video calls. It is even more functional and more compact that makes it a great program for you. The presence of cute smileys is interesting that you will still be attracted in using it and because it is multiprotocol. It can be used in all protocols that let you enjoy it more. Other than that, it is also free from virus which is why it is better to be downloaded.

Once you download Google Talk for Windows 7, it reads the contact list on your Gmail. The presence of a tight integration on Gmail and Google Talk enables you to easily send IMS in the contacts found in Gmail account. Other chat conversations you already have with Google Talk are searchable and saved that even offline messages are still supported. The interface of Google Talk and integration on other tools is both easy and clean.

So far, this is downloaded for free that intends to seek competition with lots of applications which also provide similar capabilities. By means of fully integrating it with other apps and Gmail, Google Talk still has its edge due to a more increased support from non-Windows users. Apart from it, the application is much faster as compared with others that users have not encountered problems in using it.

Other than that, it is more interesting because it of its text chat and voice chat. In text chat, messages are instantly send for them to be shared to a lot of friends in actual time. The status updates are also offered to see if all friends are still around. The transfer of file is also featured to receive and send files and even pictures. In voice chat, long distance chat is for free from people around the world. Audio conferencing and Gmail integration is both possible. Even talking to a lot of people at the same time and chatting with friends is made more realistic.

What are you still waiting for? For Windows 7, you must download Google Talk and see what awaits you!