Download Google Sketchup Free

Google realized the importance of meeting the needs of a lot of users that it invented the updated version, Google Sketchup. This program is featured with a lot of options and tools that are best used in 3D modeling. Downloading it is fast and free and is always available for you. Apart from it, this is free from any virus.

More so, the software is not competing with other professional software and CAD tools but it has all the most attractive features that a hobbyist like you will love. Luckily, it is totally free and you can use it personally. In fact, download Google Sketchup Free is more common to a lot of users because there is no need to pay for it as it is free.

In addition, it further allows for finished projects to be imported from Google Warehouse and Sketchup models be placed on the maps of Google Earth. Surprisingly, the projects may possibly be saved on the HDD and also printed them out.

More so, Google also extends 3D art to a beginner and even to an inexperienced artist when one has it. The trend on modeling software like Cinema4D and 3DSMax that they offer good and free alternative where you can post all your creations in Google Earth in order for them to view it. This latest version is fully integrated with the presence of Google Maps to geo-tag the creations you have.

In connection with this, there are technical terms that users may find unfamiliar like “Extrude” that is a tool renamed for the Pull/Push. Good news is that there are helpful guides and hints all throughout that can help you more in snapping. Drawing rectangles, triangles and other interesting shapes is even made better. More so, Google Sketchup cleverly predicts the endpoints where you like them to meet and then snap them just for you that save a lot of time.

Apart from it, one of the advantages it has is that it is for free. Drawing in a three-dimensional space is even made easier just for your ultimate fun and enjoyment. As mentioned, there are lots of hints and tips that make it more interesting and captivating as a tool. It is also user-friendly that it is not difficult to handle as compared to other applications. Other than that, uploading more of your creations in Google Earth is possible and done easier as it is fully-integrated with different Google Maps.

In downloading it for free, there are instructions that you must follow. The software is fully-featured that you have to acquire a complete license to be able to utilize it. The first important thing you must do is to visit the website of Sketchup where you can download it directly. Then, you must click on the button for “download Sketchup” that is located at the right side. And choose for Sketchup Free that does not expire after it is used for thirty days. And so, you need to choose OS and read license and then you can start to download. It is necessary to check out the requirements on the system. You can see in the window something that pops up, “Save File”.

After you have successfully downloaded it, the folder where it kept the file should be opened. You can also utilize Windows Search for you not to get in trouble searching the file.

Now, you have learned more about the downloading Google Sketchup for free and the interesting features that it has!