Download Google Earth

The new Google earth is the latest version of Google earth. New Google earth has a high descriptionresolution, and it is also accurate to a specific site. While the area is being loaded it brings along names of the streets, places, roads, avenues, etc. The Google earth has explicitly taken the whole idea of mapping into a new level. The Google Earth when operating on a compatible OS it gets high and powerful speed, on this factor it is easier get very clearer images of the globe

New Google earth can depict a very clearer image of theaerial view of the region with every slight detail in it. The whole idea of developing the software was to help locate areas with disasters to enable easy management of the same. New Google earth also enables you see the ancient photographs of the universe. It helps one track, find your path and also share the current location of where you are with other Google earth users.

The new Google earth has a large consumption of the internal memory of your device. Little space will make the program run very slow and not work properly as it will hang itself and also it may not load the images to its standardized resolution. With enough memory space and the supporting operating system. The program will give the clearer results in a very short time possible. The image below shows the new Googlemap icon and a section of the earth.

This feature in the new Google earth is that one can view the streets in 3D. All of the images that are searched and located using Google earth 6 are that, they are in 3 Dimensions. You can also navigate to ground level to locate the streets. This feature takes imagery from NASA, USGS, CIA and any relevant source and displays them on a simply designed interface. As much as fun this may sound, it will reduce the working speed of your device.

The New Google earth, despite having more features and occupies a large space, it is easy to download and install in majorly three steps. First download the application setup and save it, the setup will present a dialog box with an instruction to run the setup, n clicking to begin the running it will again present an installation wizard that will give you options to accept the terms used by the google. By following the instructions carefully, you will install the software. After that open the program and after initializing, then it will be ready to launch. At this point, the devices may require the device be restarted so that it updates the device's memory. After restarting the new Google, will ready to start working. The new Google earth is now available on mobile applications and as a browser plug-in. Google has been giving this application for free.

To watch the video tutorial on how to download the new Google earth