Download Google Desktop

Google have released many products in their years of stay in the online business and one of the many products that they have offered is download Google desktop. In the company’s aim to give computer users the convenience of using their gadgets, Google made the desktop software with various features that they can enjoy as soon as they open their computers. With their desktops, users are able to make use of the Google gadgets and get important information from these gadgets. Though the product was discontinued, there are still many people who are using it and the gadgets left with the software.

The reason why many people download it on their computers is the simple yet helpful features that it can provide. There are many features that Google desktop provides and these features are the reason why people tend to use the product continuously on their computers. Some of the main features that the software provides are the following:

It is one of the known features that you will experience and enjoy when you download the desktop feature. The feature is made to be available on operating systems such as Linux and Windows. These features include helpful information for emails, notes, weather, Google talk, web clips, photos, and news. It can be set into an auto-hide function that can keep your desktop spacious and just let it show whenever you need it.

These are boxes wherein you are able to search for any world directly and the results online will just pop up from a certain browser windows. It can be positioned or found in any position in your desktop.

With entering any keyword from this window, you are able to see the top 6 relevant words or files for the word that you have searched. It functions without the use of any browser.

The gadgets that are included on the Google desktop are mini-applications wherein you can personalize it on the sidebar area. In this way, you are able to make use of the ones that you need every now and then and just hide those that are not helpful on your part.

The abovementioned features, are just some of the things that you can get when you finished downloading the Google desktop. You can make use of it whether you have the Windows or Linux operating systems and take advantage of all its benefits.

Though you may be late to use the Google desktop on your computer, you should still be aware that this software was designed in various versions, as well. The company has developed several versions from the day it was released in 2004 until 2010 before it was discontinued completely in 2011. With all of the fun and informative features and gadgets that the Google desktop software contains, there is no doubt that people have enjoyed and still enjoys the use of this product from Google. Though there were many factors that lead to its discontinued use, many are still hooked in using this product and let it stay on their computer desktops.