Download Google Chrome for Windows XP

Released in year 2008, Google Chrome has become one of the newest and most commonly utilized applications to access the ever growing online browser world. The browser has been designed, created and introduced by Google. It boosts an extremely quick browsing and simple interface. It also comes with the URL bar, forward and backward buttons, the reload button as well as the tabs used to open manifold sites. And although people are still deciding which browser really is the best, you can guarantee that Google Chrome is a fine browser to try out. So, you may download and have it installed from the official page of Google.

Installing this free web browser is extremely easy, whether for Mac, Linux or Windows supported devices. Hence, this only means that you can download Google Chrome for Windows XP.

In order to install Google Chrome for the user account, you may want to follow the steps provided below. You might view the option for installing the web browser for the different user accounts on the computer within the process. When you do not view the option, it is possible for you to learn about the installation of Google Chrome for different user accounts.

  1. Without the file for installation, you will not be able to become successful with the installation, so make sure to download one. Upon visiting the official site of Google, go to its Chrome download page. You will find the link for which you can download it. Click on that button and the download process will easily start.

  2. Once prompted, you choose either you want to “run” or “save” the file. However, it is suggested to click on the run button so as to continue with the installation process.

  3. However, if you wish to have a copy of the installer file, you are free to do so. So, once you have the installer file saved, you may double-click on that installer file in order to begin the process of installation. Once you begin with the process, your browser history and homepage settings will be imported automatically from the default browser.

When you are installing Google Chrome with Windows XP, there may be a specialized step. The window of Google Chrome will be accessed once everything has been set up. The moment Chrome opens, you will view a message informing you about the possibility of direct Google searching from its address bar. This address bar is also termed as the Omnibox. Once you would like to have your default search engine modified, you freely can by clinking on the “Change” button.

Once you are through with downloading and installing, you can then start taking advantage of using the ever popular Google Chrome web browser. This search engine is indeed great a placing the most related websites on top of the list of search results. Google is able to do this by rating websites in the way several other sites are linking to it. The more common the websites that link to the site, the better ranking on Google search it gets.