Download Google Chrome for Android

Download Google Chrome for Android and browse fast on your Android phone and tablet. Sign in to your Google account and sync the Chrome browser to your mobile devise and bring your computer with you anywhere you go.

Google Chrome for Android offers fast mobile browsing experience. Web pages on your Android phone load in a snap, plus the hardware accelerated page rendering feature allows you to switch through long pages easily and quickly. Chrome browser for Android also offers you the opportunity to search fast. You can search and navigate right at the same box. The suggestions allow you to choose search results that appear right at the box as you type, enabling you to get what you want in a snap.

The simplicity of Google Chrome for Android allows you to browse and search fast. Now, you can open and switch between infinite numbers of open tabs in your Android device. On your Android phone, flip through tabs like you flip a deck of cards or swipe the edge of your Android phone screen to switch tabs.


Google Chrome for Android allows you to browse privately on your phone in Incognito mode.

The central design of Android security architecture means there’s no application that can perform operations that may have adverse impact on other applications, the user, or the operating system. This includes writing or reading the user’s data, performing network access, wiring or reading another application file, keeping the device, awake, and more.

Applications on Android must explicitly share data and resources as Android sandboxes applications from each other. This is done by declaring applications needed for additional capabilities, which are not provided by the basic sandbox. An application statistically declares the permission/s it requires and the then the Android operating system prompts the user for installation permission. Android has no programs for granting permissions as it complicates the user’s experience to control security over the device.

This security framework of Android is complimented by Chrome for Android. Chrome for Android has a solid architecture, designed from the ground and then up to improve security, responsiveness, and robustness. Chrome for Android multi-process architecture works in conjunction with UID isolation across the processes, establishing clear boundaries between contents of web pages.

The browser is in its early stages of evolution, obtaining better understanding of features and key areas that will be responsible for the new platform.

Chrome for Android also offers you the opportunity to manage your privacy. On your Android phone, you can choose to turn on or turn off Chrome’s privacy features such as Search and URL suggestions, user statistics and crash reports, do not track, navigation and error suggestions, and network action predictions. Chrome for Android provides you with total control of your device.

Downloading Google Chrome for Android simply improves your web browsing experience. It’s like that you can have your computer with you anywhere you go. This web browser is perfect for Android users on the go as it allows you to access anything that you need on your computer remotely.