Download Google Chrome Latest

Download Google Chrome latest version and get a browser that enhances your internet surfing performance. Google chrome latest version combines sophisticated technology and minimal design to make the web easier and faster to surf. Try typing your search at the address box and you will be provided with suggestions for both web and search pages. This latest web browser version by Google runs applications and websites at lightning speed.

Google Chrome is probably the newest browser that has become extremely popular right after it was released. It is now one of the mostly used web browsers by users, making it a leading contender of Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

The latest version of Google Chrome is built to be extremely fast, but with a minimal user interface design. The browser elements are somewhat reduced in size to provide users with a wide space to view the website they are browsing. Google Chrome latest version is also built with a large library plugins and extensions. It can be easily customized like Mozilla Firefox and other open source web browsers. It is also optimized, allowing it to load websites within seconds. Its auto updating feature ensures that updates and new fixes are automatically pushed out to use to simplify the process of using the browser.

Google Chrome Development

Chrome is a web browser built from 25 different code libraries from Google itself and other third parties such as NPAPI, SQLite, Skia Graphics Engine, Mozilla’s Netscape Portable Runtime Network Security Services, and a wide range of open sources projects.

Google Chrome is making use of the Blink rendering engine to displaying web pages. Blink uses Webkit’s Webcore components only and nothing more. Blink substitutes all of the other components like its own multipurpose architecture.


Google Chrome latest version installation is pretty straightforward as well as self sustaining. Chrome installer launches the system directories confirmations in just a few clicks. The browser also asks for your permissions to collect usage stats anonymously. Once the browser is installed, Google automatically implements the silent upgrades and keeps your browser updated.

The overall UI of chrome remains stable since version 1.0. The browser has minimal two row windows where tabs are resting on the top of the address bar. The three browser controls are still present – back, forward, and reload. The settings icon and the star shaped toggle for bookmarking are still there as well.

During the installation of extensions, the right of the address bar will display active icons. Beyond that, Google Chrome still maintains strict restrictions to adding icons for add-ons. This means that the browser do not have toolbars and any undesirable overlays. Aside from tabbed browsing, the latest version of Google Chrome is equipped with impressive built-in tools, hot key functions, models, and more.

Google Chrome latest version 24.0.1312.57 supports Windows XP, XP 64, Windows 7, Windows 7 64, Windows 8 64, Vista, and Vista 64. It’s only 29.41 MB in files size, so it will take up a huge space on your disc.