Download Google Chrome Frame

Google Chrome Frame brings the speedy JavaScript engine and open web technologies to the Internet Explorer. Download Google Chrome Frame and start using the open web technologies like the HTML5 canvas tag. You can even use this plugin to other technologies that are not supported by Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8, and 9. You can also take advantage of the JavaScript performance in making your apps responsive and faster.

The latest version of Google Chrome Frame, which is the (18.0.1025.142), delivers improvements to WebGL and Canvas2D functionality. This release of Chrome Frame brings good GPU-acceleration. This release includes SwiftShader, a software resterizer that offer ease of use and convenience to user.

You can download and install Google Chrome Frame in your PC to improve your web experience. The websites that utilize this software plugin will become more responsive, enabling you to find the information or things that you need. You can also enjoy the more advanced features this plug-in as sites that you will visit can offer you new features based on open technologies. With this plugin, you can also surf the web at the way you are used to. This software plugin works under the hood along with your existing browser.

You will need to meet these system requirements before you can finally download and install Google Chrome Frame on your unit. These include Internet Explorer 6, 7, or 8; 32-bit to 64-bit Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, or Windows 8 with Internet Explorer 6, 7, or 8. This plugin also requires a system to have 512 MB of RAM. This is highly recommended to ensure that the plugin will work on its best performance.

Downloading Google Chrome Frame can be done in two separate ways. One is to get this plugin when you visit a certain webpage in the Internet Explorer, which uses open web technologies. You will be asked to download the plugin. Just follow the instructions and you can already install the plugin on your system with ease. Aside from this, you can also get this plugin from different online stores that offers free download of software application.

Most people are afraid to use this open source plug-in because they think that it will break the websites that they use. However, this is not true is it interferes in your search if the website requests it. Your browsing experience will not be changed and will stay the same even if you visit sites that are not enabled with this plugin. In addition, you do not even need to do anything just to keep this plugin updated. This plugin uses the update system of Google and automatically keep itself updated ensuring that you will have the most stable software and latest features available.

To enhance the performance of this open source plug-in, you can check out the "Help make Google Chrome Frame Box.” You can do this by checking the send crash reports and usage statistics dialog box to Google automatically when installing it. This enables Google to collect anonymous crash reports and statistics report from your system.