Download Earth Google

Google has a new, fantastic, free program for individuals with an Internet connection. It is called Google Earth and it is just a flat excellent program. Many people and Internet users make use of Google Earth and put the whole world on their PC.

How Can You Get Google Earth

Getting or downloading Google Earth is easy. You just need to go to and simply click “More”. A screen will open, you need to scroll down and find Earth in its Tools category. When you click Earth, another window opens titled Google Earth – Search, Explore and Discover. Scroll down and click Get Google Earth for its free version. You need to click Download Google Earth and follow instructions accordingly for installing the program on your PC.

When the program opens, you will see the Earth as it is seen from space. It contains 2 panels labeled Places and Layers and a search box. You can disregard those for now and just type a particular address on the search box. You need to include the city, street address and state, with these 3 elements separated by commas. After you enter the address, your home may be a better place to start. Google Earth will zoom in rapidly the certain address you have searched. You can also make use of the signs – and + buttons located at the bottom of Google Earth for zooming in areas. However, the image may become blurry as it depends on the resolution your output is set to. Checking your display’s settings to make sure that they are suitable with Google’s recommendations is a must.

After you have zoomed in your home or the address you have entered, you can choose another place or address such as the Great Wall of China. Google will fly over like a fast jet to the new place or address quickly. Once you are familiar with your Google Earth program, you can zoom in and go to several locations in different parts of the world. You can even save places or address to make it simple to get back to them in the near future. It has an interactive feature that allows each and every individual around the world to contribute information for Google Earth’s development. It has a zoom slider function for zooming in the image of a terrain.

The new tool comes in different versions that you can choose from. It comes with a downloadable version for free and is perfect for your personal usage. There comes the latest version that has a lot of advanced features included like the Google Earth Plus which has a feature of GPS device that is essential and beneficial for many individuals. Data GPS importation is highly recognized as points that are categorized either as Waypoints, Routes and Tracks. These points are paths imported by this app. These are recorded automatically every so often. Google Earth has become one of the most intelligent features and innovations of Google that provide a lot of advantages to users.