All About Google Talk Download

Today, if you are a web user it is common to use the different services offered by the internet. Most of these are the applications which help you to communicate with your loved ones but also to your acquaintances or friends.

The Google Chrome launched an instant messaging and VoIP service. It provides both voice and text communication. This messaging service called by the user as “gchat” or “gtalk”. It lets the user to use the service by chatting and holding video-conferences with your loved ones and friends. If your friend is offline or doesn’t have any Google Talk Application you can still leave a message and it will appear to their Gmail account and an audio message. You just need your Gmail account for you to access this service.

Features of Google Talk

This is not just a regular chat you can also make PC to PC VoIP calls. The smileys or stickers are not available because this is simple and pure instant messaging service. You can easily check your Gmail account because it has a quick access button for you to view it in the main window. It has an automatic start-up when you are starting Windows. You can easily manage this because it has notifications, blocked contacts, audio settings, and appearance of the chat.

Unlike from the other internet services through here you can send unlimited files to your friends, no restriction on the size and type of the files. Sending files is to your friend is fast and reliable. By using this, your friends will see if what music you are listening to and it will change when your song also change.

This application can also use for sending a voice message and a video call. It is possible for you to receive phone calls within Gmail by using this but you must upgrade to a full Google Voice account. Messages can last up to ten minutes and it will be sent to the recipient’s email.

In terms on the format of its text is it doesn’t have a menu for the text formatting. It has features like text italic and bold. To make your text bold the user must type the words between an asterisk (*) while in italic you need to type the words between underscores (_).

This application can be downloaded from the Google server to Nokia 770,Linux, Maemo, webOS, Windows, Chrome, Mac OS X, Symbian, Tablet, Black Berry devices and android phone but it voice and video call below Android version 2.3.4 is not supported. In Black Berry phone you can keep on playing Brick Breaker and emailing while chatting with your friends.

Even if the user and the recipient are not signed in the Google talk you also send messages to your contacts and they will receive it after their next online.

Using this Google Talk can surely help you not just in communicating but its main goal is interoperability. It provides real-time extensible messaging like messaging while offline and voice mailing.