5 Advantages that Google Plus Can Bring to Your Business

Despite the fact that it generated a lot of fuss at its inception, the truth is that the vast majority of companies are completely ignoring or do not take advantage of Google Plus. Social media strategies occupy a big part of digital media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, but you should not ignore Google Plus as well.

If we consider that Google itself is the most powerful search engine in the world, is it advisable for companies to ignore Google Plus? Although it cannot generate traffic or the conversion of Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or Snapchat, we review some of the benefits that the use of this platform can bring you.

Google Plus

5 advantages that Google Plus can bring to your business:

# Momentum:

Business Insider recently reported that the growth of Google+ has skyrocketed, at least in the United States. Either by increasing your visibility or being at the forefront in the use of networks, if the trend continues to rise, you should give it a chance.

# Growth:

In addition to the increase in traffic, the Mashable media point out that Google Plus is also experiencing an increase in the average time that visitors spend on the platform. Without going any further, users spend twice as long as in February and it is perceived that the trend will increase in the short term. If you want to redirect more traffic to your site, this may be the right moment.

Google Plus

# Authorship:

Having a Google Plus account allows you to claim the authorship of your original content which is essential if someone steals content or attributes your work. On the other hand, the implementation of Google Plus means that the links and references will be weighted according to whom they come from instead of where they are published. Authorship gives you credibility and power. You can link your website to your Google Plus page to verify that you are the actual owner of the website.

# Improvement of the SEO:

It is necessary to remember that a strong presence of Google Plus is directly related to a greater recognition by the search engine. Improving your efforts in the network can be the perfect complement to a solid SEO strategy.

# Flexibility:

You can filter and segment your publications for your Circles, orienting the content for different classes of readers.

To make your Google Plus page even more effective, it is advisable to incorporate profile links which will strengthen your traffic and your sales funnel. The more contacts related to you sharing and contributing +1 to your content, the more powerful your links will become. It is also essential to have a profile image and author image for the published content.

Google Plus

In summary, Google puts at your disposal a great tool with which you will not only be able to share your content but at the same time, you will be able to do a great job of brand promotion, as well as web positioning.

Thus, Google Plus has definitely succeeded where its previous attempts at harnessing social media have failed.

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